When we think of corporate clients is that they are made up of lots and lots of people and just like in digital marketplace, we need to reach the right audience to get the business going. In this podcast, we had the opportunity to speak with Craig Keegan, where he shared his 30 years of corporate experiences to help small businesses attract corporate clients amid the bureaucracy and paperwork procedures.

The THREE Outstanding Ways

As the industry goes through challenges like coronavirus corporate Australia is going to be refined and will get rid of things. However, when it comes down to it, there are three things that will help businesses attract clients.

First, credibility which is built through branding. Second is believability to network people that you already know. Lastly is the ability to perform what you are expected of.

The Corporate World’s Risk Minimisation Mindset

Understanding how corporate clients work is essential for small businesses as this allows them to have a clear scope of how these potential clients make their decisions.

In the corporate world, there’s a limited move. Certainty is in everything that they do as any wrong decision may cost them their jobs. For example, if they take a new supplier and they are not up to the job their necks on the line. Their career, promotion, and job are on the line with every move and decision they make. Whereas if you’re a small business owner risks are part of the get-go and as a business owner you’ll always find a way to make it work. The best way to build a strong foundation with your potential clients to understand where they’re coming from and meet them halfway.

How to Help your Potential Clients Choose YOU

The answer to this is straightforward yet difficult to do properly. You can help your potential clients choose you by building a strong profile and brand online. You need to be visible online, your credibility, your believability, and your performance should be highlighted across your channels. This way, it’s easier for your potential clients to choose you and your business. When you’re online, comparison is inevitable and your business can be compared with others, the best thing that you can do is to ensure that you have a strong online profile that will make you and what you do stand out.

It doesn’t mean that your online profile is the deal that gets you the client, but it helps you get your foot in the door and get you on their shortlist. Remember, the whole engagement and talking to them will only happen if you’ve made it in the door.

Your Brand and the Role it Plays

Corporate clients should be able to get your brand in as this helps you build your credibility and get across someone. You’ve got to get a relationship happening in every transaction you do as these people may refer you to another business and that creates opportunities. A good brand allows you to put yourself around them while adding value to what you do. And once you’re in, you need to keep adding value without any expectation of receiving—creating genuine connection and network.

There are a lot of ways to strengthen your brand by showcasing your clients, your portfolio, social proofs, and other milestones in your business. If you want to build strong connections and get those corporate clients, start building your profile—you’ll go up from there.

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