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Ellect helps small businesses grow their business
by connecting with enterprise buyers via b2buy
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Partnership to Accelerate Supplier Diversity

Ellect is the Diversity Partner of b2buy

Ellect has partnered with b2buy (an online purchasing tool and marketplace for corporate and government)
by bringing in small business suppliers of diverse backgrounds to connect with these buyers.

Who is b2buy?

b2buy is the leading spend management marketplace platform for business.

b2buy reduces the burdens of purchasing, by providing a simple e-commerce marketplace experience coupled with smart spend management technology. b2buy has 100,000 products in their catalogues while automating ordering, generating e-invoicing capability and offering payment solutions to buyers and sellers, simplifying your accounts functions.

Buyers save money through great pricing, automated purchasing tools, visibility, simplifying payments and their accounts processes, with a guaranteed ROI in only a few months!!

For small business suppliers, the complexities of selling to corporates and government are simplified, using b2buy as their sales channel, with direct access to b2buy’s customers. They just receive confirmed orders via b2buy from their vast range of qualified customers, who use b2buy to simplify their purchasing processes.

b2buy is the FUTURE of purchasing from small to medium-sized businesses while supporting tail spend automation in enterprise customers.

Who can Sell in b2buy?

At the moment, if your business is an Australian business selling products or productised services, you can simply register your business for free.

There are 2 ways to register as a business linked to Ellect.

  1. Click this link
  2. Use the Referral Code “czymCV93” when signing up directly on

The registration process will ask you to provide company and director details. B2buy will verify your information with its due diligence process. Once approved, they will notify you and you can start uploading your product details. Your products are ready to be viewed by enterprise buyers!

In your profile set up, you can apply any of the following badges that apply to your company:

  • Women-owned
  • Indigenous owned
  • Minority owned
  • Regional Based
  • Veteran owned
  • Disability owned
  • Disability enterprise
  • Social enterprise

Why sign up using Ellect’s partner code?

There is no cost to sign up as a seller. You only pay a fee to b2buy at the time of a purchase from a buyer and it is based on small % from b2buy. Part of that fee is paid to Ellect as a partner referral fee. The referral fee will contribute to Ellect’s grant program for women entrepreneurs. Therefore each business that signs up using Ellect’s partner code will be creating impact with every transaction.

Our Social Impact is Good For Business

“Our work is aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals No. 5 – Gender Equality and No. 10 – Reduced Inequalities.

Research upon research have shown the benefits of diversity in business. McKinsey in their research have published that Companies with low rates of both gender and racial diversity are 29% more likely to make less money (See Delivering Through Diversity 2018)

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