As the world continues to advance and the progress towards digital marketplace moves past daily corporate challenges; blockchain tracking software is making its way towards the corporate world.

We had the opportunity to talk with Mark Toohey in a podcast where he shared his corporate experiences to help small businesses earn premium prices and attract corporate clients through blockchain technology. Traditional businesses say that they can do blockchain, but more often than not they don’t really get how hard the technology is; thus, there’s an urgency to explain blockchain and the roles it plays in our society.

Blockchain Technology and The Role it Plays

Blockchain technology has industry-disrupting capabilities to pass information and/or to create a transaction from A to B in a fully automated and safe manner. This helps businesses reduce overall costs while ensuring safer transactions and product delivery.

Blockchain technology allows digital information to be distributed, but not copied. This has been originally devised for the digital currency, Bitcoin, but it can be deployed in many other ways—just like how we can now use blockchain in Australia’s beef industry. By law, every cow must be given an ear tag for identification, so every single cow in Australia has a birth certificate. With this, we know what animals are on what properties using blockchain technology—we can now easily check the vaccinations they receive and every event in their life cycle and everything will be recorded. This means that any item can now be tracked from the production line to the store shelf using blockchain tracking software using an individual code for every single item.

Aglive’s Paddock-to-Plate

Let’s take paddock-to-plate a little closer and personal. Every food that we consume is part of a supply chain and Australia is best known for its high-quality livestock products, with this, comes the need to protect the authenticity of the produce for food safety and product credibility.

How do we do that? This is where Aglive comes in, they are a startup blockchain company that aims to get rid of fake products out of the supply chain. They deliver a solution that can help farmers earn premium prices for their products by understanding what they need and their requirements. Aglive is helping entities protect their brand in a very complex environment—they were able to make something simple and useful out of a very complicated technology to help farmers, small manufacturers, and small businesses ensure the quality of their products.

Why Businesses Should Use Blockchain Tracking Software

As consumers flock to the crowded markets businesses should be able to showcase something special about their products that makes it worth choosing. With blockchain, you can show your target market the location of your production, its safe ingredients, and what makes it high-quality. Small businesses and manufacturers can now take advantage of this technology in exporting and getting corporate clients by providing uncompromised information about their products’ security and authenticity.

Blockchain tracking software is a great value addition to small businesses and manufacturers as this allows them to ensure safety and deliver genuine products to their consumers resulting in increased sales and stronger brand reputation.

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