To buy products or services in the marketplace, go to so you can sign up as a customer for FREE.

Join as a member to be able to sell products and services by choosing a subscription plan that fits your business needs. Go to and fill out your payment details to subscribe. After payment verification, we will send you a link to register as a supplier in Ellect and you can now start updating your online profile and put up your listings.

If you already have an account with Ellect, you can make use of your existing email address and password to log in.

A listing is a catalog where you can publish the products and services you want to sell in the marketplace. You can manage your listings here

Make sure that you put the proper category for your listing and correct location details so your customers could easily find them. You may also provide up to 3 images to add customer attention.

The currency used in Ellect is AUD, however, you can view the equivalent USD amount based on the current exchange rate below the listing price upon creating your listing. We are looking for ways to improve and be able to cater multi-currency transactions.

On your listing details, you can see that there is a “Price” portion and “Original Price”. The Price will represent the actual price you are selling your product or service, hence the discounted or sale price. The Original Price will indicate the price before discount.

The price needs to be shown as inclusive of your local sales tax. You can offer the customer to contact you after the sale for a copy of the tax invoice and receipt in addition to our system receipts.

The unverified badge means your profile details are not yet complete or you weren’t able to submit the necessary documents to our team for verification yet. However, this doesn’t affect your listings.

Having a VERIFIED badge means we have reviewed all your legalities as a business, thus, giving you a better online credibility. You may email us directly at so we can assist you on the verification process.

On your dashboard, you can see all reviews about you as well as reviews made by you.
Note that reviews cannot be deleted to maintain transparency.

B1G1 is a social enterprise and non-profit organisation with a mission to create a world full of giving. They have a rigourous process of selecting the projects and they have metrics to measure the impact of every donation. Ellect has partnered with B1G1 for the donations to go to gender equality projects.

For every successful transaction you have with your customers, we get 10% as transaction cost. A percentage of each sale goes to the chosen projects.

You may apply online using this link:

Completing the online registration form will only take you about 15 minutes or less (as long as you have all of the required information).

Basic members can have up to 1 listing while Business members can have up to 5 listings available. VIP members can enjoy unlimited listing of products and services.

You will need to email us at any of the following documentary proof to verify your legality and existence as a business:
1. Registration Proof
2. Identity Proof

Upon the verification process, we may contact you via email for any further information needed.

Yes, you can personalize your store info by uploading your own cover image and adding some description so your buyers know what you offer.

Just go here:

Suppliers and customers can communicate with each other directly through our messaging app integrated on the marketplace. You will also receive an email notification whenever there are inquiries from your listing. You can find your conversations on the inbox section of your account:

Yes. If you’re looking to buy products or services from our trusted suppliers, you can sign up as a CUSTOMER, just click here: If you want to showcase your products or services, you may sign up for our BASIC membership here:

Once you sign up, you will have access to the billing portal and you can upgrade within that, or alternatively, you may email to to upgrade.

For Business Members, you have up to 3 listings available. VIP members can enjoy unlimited listing of products and services.

Log in to your account using your registered email and password in Ellect. Go to Dashboard > My Account > My Banking Information, then fill out all the needed information. Make sure you choose the correct currency based on your bank account’s currency details. Once done, click “confirm information” so your account will automatically be connected to Stripe Connect to be able to transact with your customers/buyers. You may also click the link here to for easy access:

In order to receive your payments at the end of the transaction, you must fill in your bank details. We use Stripe, a secure and compliant platform, to handle payments. The bank details is also part of the verification process by Stripe.

Stripe Connect is a powerful marketplace integration by Stripe allowing users to transact securely within the marketplace and receive payments using their bank account details without the need to open a Stripe account.

Stripe Connect Onboarding, which can also be found on your Ellect account dashboard, is a secured identity verification web form hosted by Stripe that takes care of collecting identity information from users. It dynamically adjusts the information that it collects to reflect the connected account’s capabilities, country, and business type which is a recommended solution to guide users on keeping their information updated to continue transacting in the marketplace.

Once you are a member/supplier of Ellect, you can automatically be able to purchase to other members within the platform without the need of signing up as a customer. The marketplace is designed so members can reach out to each other for the exchange goods and services.

If you are a supporter of gender balance and implemented workplace strategies to support gender balance in your business, we would like to help your business be known to motivated buyers globally either from fellow member businesses or from Corporate/Government buyers.

Once your business has been certified, you can display the relevant logo to your website, email signature or your bio.

You may apply online using this link:

Completing the online registration form will only take you about 15 minutes or less (as long as you have all of the required information).

We have a champion certification of gender balance business for male entrepreneurs . This option is eligible for businesses with 5 team members of less.

First, you need to complete your profile and banking information. Then, you may send us your registration documents proving the legal existence of your business at for us to validate.

Having a VERIFIED badge means we have reviewed all your legalities as a business, thus, giving you better online credibility.

Yes, our marketplace has its messaging app where you can have a live chat directly with your buyers within the platform. You will also get an email notifying you if you received a message or inquiry from the marketplace. You can see your message logs on your inbox portion of your account dashboard This feature is also available to customer accounts.

Yes, you can add your listings as a wishlist. Just click the ‘Add to wishlist’ button below the ‘BUY NOW’ button on the listing. You may also opt to remove previously added wishlist items. To check your wishlists, you can go to ‘My Wishlist’ portion of your account dashboard.

After choosing the listing you wanted to check-out, you may proceed by entering your bank account details. A notification will prompt on the screen if the transction has been successful. Note that our marketplace is using Stripe Connect to accept payments, rest assured, your payment processing is secured and reliable. You will also receive an email that your order has been successful. You can track your order through your dashboard. Once the seller accepts your order, only then will the payment be triggered in Stripe.

After you have accepted the order and done with the agreement or scope of the service (which you’ve agreed and communicated with your buyer), you may click ship order and put ‘NA’ on the shipment details. Then your transaction will be marked as COMPLETED.

After accepting the order, you may opt to ship your product to a courier of your choice. Get the transaction traking details from your courier and which you will need to input when you click to ship the order. Your buyer will get that information on their end.