Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How to apply for a vendor account?

Go to for the Vendor Application Form and fill out all the information. We’ll review your application and reach out to you via email in 1-2 business days.

What are the plans for a vendor account?

Find your perfect plan for your business.

  • Basic Member – FREE per month; 1 product, Unlimited revenue, only 20% transaction fee, and a vendor micro store
  • Business Member – $495 per year; 5 product, Unlimited revenue, only 10% transaction fee, and a vendor micro store
  • VIP Member – $1,450 per year; Unlimited products, unlimited revenue, only 10% transaction fee, and a vendor micro store.
Why does my profile have an UNVERIFIED badge?

The unverified badge means your profile details are not yet complete or you weren’t able to submit the necessary documents to our team for verification yet. However, this doesn’t affect your listings.

Having a VERIFIED badge means we have reviewed all your legalities as a business, thus, giving you better online credibility. You may email us directly at so we can assist you with the verification process.

What documents are needed for us to be verified?

You will need to email us at of the following to verify your legality and existence as a business:

  1. Registration document or ABN number (for Australian businesses)
  2. A high resolution of your logo so we can update your profile in the marketplace.
What is your Transaction Fee made up of?

Our transaction fees is made up of the following:

  1. Merchant for foreign exchanges fee – 4%
  2. Social impact – 1%
  3. Operations – 5% to 10%
What currency is used in Ellect's marketplace?

The currency used in Ellect is AUD, however, you can view the equivalent USD amount based on the current exchange rate below the listing price upon creating your listing. We are looking for ways to improve and be able to cater for multi-currency transactions.


How can I upgrade my membership?

If you wish to upgrade your membership, please email us at

Is there a limit on the number of listings I can publish under my account?

Basic Members can have up to 1 listing.
Business Members can have up to 5 listings available.
VIP Members can enjoy an unlimited listing of products and services.

Payment & Shipping Method

What payment method is used in Ellect's marketplace?

PayPal is an online payment system that makes paying for things online and sending and receiving money safe and secure.

How will I ship my products to customers?

After accepting the order, you may opt to ship your product to a courier of your choice. Get the transaction tracking details from your courier and which you will need to input when you click to ship the order. Your buyer will get that information on their end.

As A Customer

Do I need an account to buy and be a customer?

Yes. If you’re looking to buy products or services from our trusted suppliers, you can sign up as a CUSTOMER, here:

How can I pay for my order?

After choosing the listing you wanted to check-out, you may proceed by entering your bank account details. A notification will prompted on the screen if the transaction has been successful. Note that our marketplace is using Paypal to accept payments, rest assured, your payment processing is secured and reliable. You will also receive an email that your order has been successful. You can track your order through your dashboard. Once the seller accepts your order, only then will the payment be triggered in Paypal.

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