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Ellect helps small businesses grow their business
by connecting with corporate buyers
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What We Do

  1. We verify every supplier that they are a registered business. A verified badge is displayed on their profile once they are verified. We have a more comprehensive process for certifying businesses with our certification program.
  2. We find corporate customers and update them on relevant listings using our member matching methodology
  3. We select verified projects from B1G1 that are aligned with UN Global Goals and fund their projects
  4. We provide resources to help small business to win corporate contracts including training, updates on corporate procurement opportunities or changes to procurement policies and interviews with leading procurement officers about what they’re looking for from suppliers

Why We Do What We Do?

We are committed to increasing gender equity in business and entrepreneurship.

Recent analysis in 2019 by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) shows that if women and men participated equally as entrepreneurs,
global GDP could rise by approximately 3% to 6%, boosting the global economy by $2.5 trillion to $5 trillion.

Ellect is addressing the gender gap in business globally with its Global Procurement Marketplace and Global Certification Program.

How We Are Different

Access To Diverse Suppliers

You can buy directly from diverse suppliers all in one marketplace and each transaction will have a positive impact to supporting gender equality projects globally.

Buyer Matching

Using our buyer matching methodology with our suppliers, you will receive list of recommended suppliers base on your preferences therefore saving you time to go through the entire marketplace..

Verified Business Member

Our badges verify certifications that are claimed by the businesses as well as their status in our platform.

Our Mission

To create online opportunities for small business suppliers to sell to corporate customers while promoting supplier diversity and gender balance

Who We Help

  1. Small business owners who want to access corporate customers
  2. Corporate customers who want to buy from small business suppliers and to create positive social impacts
  3. Charities who are creating positive impacts on gender equality

Get Started Today

Procurement Marketplace

We have membership plans for Suppliers to support them on our platform to generate sales from Corporate customers and access to our resources including training.

If you are just looking to be a customer on Ellect, you can just sign up here.

Basic Member

Free Plan

If you want to check out Ellect with a free membership, you can try out our Basic membership which is free.

Benefits include:

  • being an inclusive community to showcase your products and services up to 1 listings
  • be a verified member that has been validated by us
  • 20% transaction fee for every trade on marketplace

Business Member

US $495 per year

If you are a supporter of Gender Equality and want to sell to Corporates, Government and even fellow business members, then sign up to be a business member.

Benefits include:

  • being an inclusive community to showcase your products and services up to 5 listings
  • be a verified business member that has been validated by us
  • gain exposure to Corporates and Government for “tailspend” (normally under $5000)
  • in app messaging to easily network with members and customers
  • reviews by and for customers to ensure your transparency in each trade so not just one sided
  • 10% transaction fee for every trade on marketplace

VIP Member

US $1,450 per year

All the benefits of a Business member plus:

  • be part of the featured section for members to have additional visibility for customers
  • our team will assist in completing your profile to ensure that it is optimised
  • monthly video calls to mentor and assist in lead generation
  • unlimited listing of your products or services
  • 50% discount to all networking events and training sessions
  • 10% transaction fee for every trade on marketplace

What is our Transaction Fee made up of




5% - 10%

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