Project List

Provide a Business Loan to a Woman

Lend your support to economically disadvantaged women and their families to help them escape from a life of poverty by providing a business loan which includes on-going training and mentoring. This program aims to give full support to these women in order for them to establish their own business. Your contribution towards this project will help to ensure its sustainability and help many other women lift themselves from poverty.


Provide Bookkeeping Skills for a Woman

Enable a woman business owner to successfully operate her business by providing a half day course to learn bookkeeping skills. This program aims to impart women who are establishing their own business with relevant financial literacy skills to record transactions, enabling them to support their families and contribute to their livelihood. Your contribution is crucial in ensuring the sustainability and continuity of this project to make positive impacts in womens lives.


Educate a Village Girl

Help a village girl break free from the vicious cycle of poverty by sponsoring her to attend a vocational training program for one day. The program offers stitching classes to these girls, grooming them to become skilled individuals and giving them opportunities to earn a living. This initiative also encourages womens participation in the economic and social development of the community, benefiting everyone as a whole.


Give Digital Skills Training to Aboriginal Communities

The Geeks in Residence project provides digital skills development training and activities to aboriginal communities. A digital skill set is crucial in today’s society, and young people with those skills are often called upon to help older people in communities with online and digital tasks. This project mixes learning with fun and meets the interest of children, young people and adults. They offer music making and recording sessions or multi-media skill training. Those skills acquired stay in the community and are then passed on to others creating a beautiful ripple effect.


Provide a Library Book

Providing access to books helps girls stay engaged in education and inspires them to dream big. Under the Khmer Rouge, 90 percent of schools and more than half of all written materials were destroyed. By providing a library book you’re helping Free To Shine to grow their mobile library of educational books to help instil a love of reading. The girls love to read to their younger brothers and sisters, as well as their parents and grandparents who often never learnt to read. Some of the books also have English translations so that girls learning English can further develop their skills.


Empower Women to Start Own Businesses

So They Can equips women in Kenya with business skills and the micro-finance they require to start up and run profitable small businesses to improve their standard of living so they can change their own lives and provide employment opportunities for their communities. Through their learning and practical application women who have benefitted from this project have gone on to open small stores, selling, milk, groceries and chickens. Or have turned their skills into products to sell at markets, such as weaving and sewing.


Provide Vocational Training to Women in the Philippines

Urban slums or in subsistence-level rural households are not a rare sight in the Philippines. And due to the job market, young people without connections have little chance to break the poverty cycle. As tourism is a big industry in the Philippines, we offer vocational training in the hospitality sector to give young women the chance to not only be independent but to also build self-confidence, resilience and agency.Our schools divide their studies equally between the classroom and working in the hospitality industry so that the girls gain practical experience for better employment chances.


Raise Local Entrepreneurs for Rural Development

Millions of people are living in dire poverty in the Philippines. Only 50% of high school students go to college while only 14% graduate. The brightest students need leave the countryside to pursue employment due to lack of opportunity. This project provides an education-based solution to rural development. It is the first school for social entrepreneurship for rural development through education and hands-on learning mentored by an international team of social entrepreneurs and innovators. The students create social enterprises that will develop rural areas through job and wealth creation.