How Your Trading Will Drive Change

B1G1 is a social enterprise and non-profit organisation with a mission to create a world full of giving. They have a rigourous process of selecting the projects and they have metrics to measure the impact of every donation. Ellect has partnered with B1G1 for the donations to go to gender equality projects.

Each supplier profile is verified with their company registration documents before they can list. Our badges verify ethical business members that are backed by customer reviews.

What is our Transaction Fee made up of




5% - 10%


Provide a Business Loan to a Woman

Lend your support to economically disadvantaged women and families and help them escape from a life of poverty by providing a business loan which includes on-going training and mentoring. This program aims to give full support to these women in order for them to establish their own business. Your contribution towards this project will help to ensure its sustainability and help many other women lift themselves from poverty.


Provide Bookkeeping Skills for a Woman

Enable a woman business owner to successfully operate her business by providing a half day course to learn bookkeeping skills. This program aims to impart women who are establishing their own business with relevant financial literacy skills to record transactions, enabling them to support their families and contribute to their livelihood. Your contribution is crucial in ensuring the sustainability and continuity of this project to make positive impacts in womens lives.


Give A Trauma Support Kit

Address the physical and emotional needs of abused women and children by providing them with a trauma support kit. These women and children often leave their homes in a hurry and require immediate help. This support kit fulfils the basic needs of these women and children by providing toiletries, underwear, shampoo, and a face cloth. Children will also receive an additional toy or school stationery.

South Africa

Provide A Business Training Program

Help a woman who received a micro-loan establish, grow her business and lift her family from the cycle of poverty by providing one day’s of fortnightly business mentoring session. On-going training is essential in imparting relevant skills such as financial literacy to ensure that their businesses are sustainable and profitable in the long run, allowing them to contribute to the livelihood of their families.


Give A Sewing Machine For Women

Empower a woman living in Bombay by giving one sewing machine. These women were given vocational training in the field of tailoring and your gift of a sewing machine also encourages and promotes women to undertake other professional and apprenticeship training, grooming them to be skilled individuals, and thereby increasing womens participation in the economic & social development of the country.


Give Vocational Training To Human Trafficking Survivors

Trafficking leaves many scars – visible and invisible. Empower human trafficking survivors in Nepal by providing vocational training that will lead to employment, income-generating opportunities, and financial independence. This program includes lodging, food, and training fees for women who have been victims of human trafficking. They develop skills such as driving, tailoring, sewing, cooking, baking, barista, and beauty care so they can sustain themselves.


Provide Vocational Training To Women In The Philippines

The large sector of private education in the Philippines restricts girls from working-class backgrounds from accessing higher education and decent employment. We offer vocational training in the hospitality sector, giving young women the chance to become financially independent. Our focus is divided equally between the classroom and practical work experience in the hospitality industry. As COVID-19 moves the classroom online, we are supporting our local partner to deliver learning remotely, while providing our students with the means to navigate a shifting and unfamiliar economic climate.


Raise Local Entrepreneurs for Rural Development

Millions of people are living in dire poverty in the Philippines. Only 50% of high school students go to college while only 14% graduate. The brightest students need leave the countryside to pursue employment due to lack of opportunity. This project provides an education-based solution to rural development. It is the first school for social entrepreneurship for rural development through education and hands-on learning mentored by an international team of social entrepreneurs and innovators. The students create social enterprises that will develop rural areas through job and wealth creation.


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