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Creating Gender Balance Through Our Digital Marketplace Connecting Entrepreneurs With Corporate And Government Buyers

How Does It Work

New analysis in 2019 by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) shows that if women and men participated equally as entrepreneurs, global GDP could rise by approximately 3% to 6%, boosting the global economy by $2.5 trillion to $5 trillion.

Ellect is addressing the gender gap in business globally with its Global Procurement Marketplace and Global Certification Program.

Gender Balance Business Certification

Global Procurement Marketplace

Be Certified

If your business is inclusive and qualifies with any of the criteria, then apply to be a Gender Balance Certified Business.

Be A Champion

If you are a solopreneur or your business is too small to qualify for certification, you can apply to be a Champion of Gender Balance Business.

Join As A Member

Join us as a member to request or respond to quotes from customers and other members

Deliver Services

Once a quote is accepted and services are delivered, the funds are delivered to members less transaction fees. We will give 50% of the profits earned in transaction fees to B1G1

How We Are Different

  • Access To Ethical Suppliers

    You can buy directly from ethical suppliers all in one marketplace and each transaction will have a positive impact to supporting gender equality projects globally.

  • Easy to Seek Quotes

    Listed supplier profile has additional information, services and reviews.  Get quick responses from suppliers with our easy in-app messages. Once ready to buy, you can easily request a quote from the supplier.

  • Verified Business Members

    Each supplier profile is verified with their company registration documents before they can list.  Our badges verify ethical business members that are backed by customer reviews.


B1G1 is a social enterprise and non-profit organisation with a mission to create a world full of giving. They have a rigourous process of selecting the projects and they have metrics to measure the impact of every donation. Ellect has partnered with B1G1 for the donations to go to gender equality projects.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Number 5 is Gender Equality. Ellect’s Social Impact is every transaction will be funding gender equality projects around the world.

About Us

In addition to creating gender balance, our team mission is to provide great customer service for our members and customers in every aspect of our roles.  You can also learn more about our Founder here

Sandra D’Souza

Sandra D’Souza

Founder, CEO
Barry Watkins

Barry Watkins

Adam Monaghan

Adam Monaghan

Ancheekie Hugo

Ancheekie Hugo

Digital Marketing Manager
Jo Val

Jo Val

Business Manager
Carmen Wong

Carmen Wong

Customer Support Officer


Connect with us

Global Procurement Marketplace

Looking To Buy From SMEs


If you are a Corporate or Government Organisation, you can sign up for free to be a customer to buy from our business members.

Our transaction fees fund Gender Equality projects globally

Business member

US$47 per month


US$495 per year

If you are a supporter of Gender Equality and want to sell to Corporates, Government and even fellow business members, then sign up to be a business member.

Benefits include:

  • being an inclusive community to showcase your products and services up to 3 listings
  • be a verified business member that has been validated by us
  • gain exposure to Corporates and Government for “tailspend” (normally under $5000)
  • In app messaging to easily network with members and customers
  • Reviews by and for customers to ensure your transparency in each trade so not just one sided

VIP Member

USD139 per month


USD1450 per year

All the benefits of a Business member plus:

  • Be part of the featured section for members to have additional visibility for customers
  • Our team will assist in completing your profile to ensure that it is optimised
  • Monthly video calls to mentor and assist in lead generation
  • Unlimited listing of your products or services
  • 50% discount to all networking events and training sessions

Global Gender Balance Business Certification

If you are a supporter of gender balance and implemented workplace strategies to support gender balance in your business, we would like to help your business be known to motivated buyers globally either from fellow member businesses or from Corporate/Government buyers.

Once your business has been certified, you can display the relevant logo to your website, email signature or your bio.

To learn more about the certification process, please click here