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Training Details

What is the Women@Ellect Training Program?

A two-day exclusive training designed for middle and senior-level women. Empower yourself. Change the system.

Who is this training program for?

This is exclusively tailored for middle and senior-level women.

What are the training program options?

The program is available either face-to-face or via online.

Program Highlights

Tailored Content:
Designed especially for women at mid and senior levels.

Expert Facilitators:
Learn from women who have trained many emerging and senior leaders

Teamwork Emphasis:
Foster collaboration and strengthen team dynamics within your organization

Actionable Insights:
Practical tools and strategies to implement in your organization.

Interactive Sessions:
Engage in meaningful discussions and hands-on activities.



I really enjoyed this highly interactive and engaging course; it has not only taught me skills to apply personally in the workplace, but ideas to implement professionally in my role.

Ernst & Young

A valuable experience where I have learnt ways to improve my confidence and visibility. I have gained insights and new perspectives in my thinking from doing the course and hearing the views from the other participants. I’m able to bring back what I learnt to my team members and help amplify women in my workplace.

I can run my ideas through the questions provided in the course to change the way I think, and for problem-solving, able to rephrase the problem and able to think outside the box for a solution.

Senior Engineer – Software

Fantastic way to engage with other like-minded women and empower each other. Content and material was engaging and thought provoking. Best course I’ve ever done.

Sydney Airport Corporation Limited

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the objectives of this training?

Our Women@Ellect training program is designed to empower middle and senior-level women by providing them with the skills, knowledge, and tools to become effective leaders and change-makers within their organizations. The primary objectives include enhancing leadership capabilities, fostering collaboration, and equipping participants with actionable insights to drive positive change.

2. Who within your organization should attend this training?

This program is exclusively tailored for middle and senior-level women in your organization. It’s ideal for individuals who are looking to take on leadership roles, influence organizational culture, and make a significant impact on their teams and company.

3. How will this training be tailored to your company's specific challenges and needs?

We understand that each organization faces unique challenges and has specific needs. Our program can be customized to address your company’s specific goals and issues. Prior to the training, we’ll work closely with your organization to identify areas of focus and tailor the content, exercises, and discussions accordingly.

4. What post-training support or resources will be available to participants?

To ensure the continued growth and development of our participants, we offer a one-month online follow-up session after the two-day training. Additionally, participants will have access to a resource library, ongoing mentorship opportunities, and a network of fellow program alumni for continued support and collaboration.

5. If someone cannot attend one of the days, will there be a catch-up session or materials provided?

Yes, we understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise. If a participant cannot attend one of the training days, we will provide access to recorded sessions and supplementary materials to ensure they can catch up on missed content and remain fully engaged in the program.

6. How are we ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for discussions, especially in the online format?

We prioritize creating a safe and inclusive learning environment for all participants. In our online sessions, we use secure platforms that allow for confidential discussions. Our experienced facilitators also establish ground rules for respectful and constructive interactions, ensuring that every participant feels comfortable sharing their thoughts and experiences.

7. Are there pre-training materials or preparations that participants should be aware of?

Yes, participants will receive pre-training materials and instructions to help them prepare for the program. These materials may include readings, self-assessment exercises, or surveys to better understand individual needs and expectations. Being well-prepared will maximize the benefits of the training experience.

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