From Bias to Equality

Unlocking Success: How Business Leaders Achieved Greater Women Representation in Leadership Roles and How You Can Too.

Helping You Achieve Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Business As Part of Your ESG Goals

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Ellect seen on Nasdaq Tower

Sandra D’Souza as Founder of Ellect was selected as one of 13 entrepreneurs globally to participate in Nasdaq Entrepreneur Center’s Milestone Makers Program in 2021. She successfully completed the program which resulted in her profile being displayed on Nasdaq Tower among other successful entrepreneurs.

Ellect Stars

Ellect Stars assesses the achievement of gender equality practices in the company’s board of directors and senior leadership team. Company that achieves 3 points or above are awarded Ellect Star in Gender Equality.

What is Ellect Stars in Gender Equality?

Ellect Stars in Gender Equality acknowledges that the company has practices in place to support gender equality in their board and their senior leadership team.

The qualifying companies are then eligible to receive a digital badge (using blockchain technology and cannot be copied by others) that they can proudly showcase their achievement on their website or social media.

Small Business Achievement

If the small business achieves at least 1 of the following:

  • The most senior leadership team – at least 25% are women
  • All employees – at least 25% are women


For Large Business

If a company achieves each condition below they receive a point:

  • Have at least 1 woman CEO or CFO
  • Have 1 woman Board Chair
  • Have at least 25% women on Board of Directors
  • Have at least 25% women on Senior Leadership Team

If the company achieves 3 or 4 points, then are awarded Ellect Stars in Gender Equality.

How to collect Ellect Stars in Gender Equality?

We are reviewing each listed company which you can find here.

If your small business qualifies or your large business is listed and has more than 3 points, you are free to tell the world that you have achieved an Ellect Stars in Gender Equality!

If you would like a digital badge (using blockchain technology and cannot be copied by others), you can fill out the forms below. Our assessment is valid for 12 months therefore the digital badge will expire if your new assessment does not qualify you again.

Our Social Impact is Good For Business

“Our work is aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals No. 5 – Gender Equality and No. 10 – Reduced Inequalities.

Research upon research have shown the benefits of diversity in business. McKinsey in their research have published that Companies with low rates of both gender and racial diversity are 29% more likely to make less money (See Delivering Through Diversity 2018)

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